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Jeff Plus Amber are top wedding photographers who travel the world shooting weddings and engagement sessions. If you're looking for the best wedding photographers in Orange County, California and or Scottsdale Arizona, Jeff and Amber wedding photographers are the ones to call.
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What can I say; I’m a sucker for love stories and passion, I mean “The Notebook” is one of my favorite movies! Hello, my name is Jeff Janke and I’m a Wedding Photographer! 

Being a very passionate person, I enjoy learning about other people and their passions. Getting to know new couples, who are in love and excited about starting their life together, is something I truly enjoy! Thinking back about my life with Amber, some of our best, most passionate and exciting feelings started when we first met, fell in love, starting living together, got engaged and of course shared our personal vows on our wedding day, (October 19th 2002). 

If I had to define myself in only a couple words, I would have to go with; “Passion” and “Driven” I’ve always been a driven person who enjoys going after what I am passionate about. There is one thing for sure; I am passionate about capturing love in a unique, artistic fashion.

It all started shortly after Amber and I met. Amber started working in front of the camera, due to her amazing looks! I mean come on; I have to be the luckiest guy in to world to have landed my total dream woman! Being the supportive husband I am, I followed Amber’s 11 year journey as an editorial model.  This led the two of us to many photo-shoots, where we started to learn about cameras, lighting, artistic composition and more! My interest for photography started to grow and within no time so did my passion for photographic art!  The art of photography is only one side of my passion, being a professional photographer.  After building upon my passion and knowledge for photography in college, and in practice, I wanted to choose an artistic area of focus. You would think having a model wife and being a guy, I would naturally want to shoot beautiful people or models, however that didn’t feel like my calling.  In the beginning part of Amber’s official modeling career, she started working and developing a relationship with a top Orange County wedding photographer “Becker” or “The Becker” on some personal photo projects of his. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet him on several occasions,I even talked him into shooting my “Band Photos” Yes, I was in many band, as a Drummer! But that’s a story for another day!  Eventually I got to visit Becker’s home studio, where I had the opportunity to see all his amazing wedding work.  This experience quickly sparked an interest and a new passion to want to capture people’s love. Thus the start to Amber and I’s new passion; Wedding Photography!

My goal as a Professional Photographer and as a Wedding Photographer primarily, has always been to create my own unique couple and wedding photography style, which was different than the normal posed, traditional lighting and composition you see with so many of today’s wedding photographers.  Not that I have anything against other photographer’s techniques or ways of shooting, I simply wanted to be a bit different and set my own standard.  Amber and I both share this same vision for our work, as we strive to keep up the creativity and push ourselves to get better with each photo session.

Day-to-day, I love to be with my family, ride my jet skis, play drums and write, direct music videos and Cinematic Wedding Films with my AMP Creative and Big Pictures production teams.  One of our most recent and greatest achievements is Writing, Directing and Producing a feature comedy adventure film titled: “Highway to Havasu” Check out our IMDB page to learn more about this new exciting project!

With all the different, exciting things, which I have done, accomplished and experienced in my life, nothing has felt more “ME” and “RIGHT” than being considered a Professional Wedding Photographer!

Amber and I love what we do and love to make new friends, so feel free to give us a call and let’s talk about the two of you and your special wedding or engagement day plans!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jeff Janke