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This is a wedding by Jeff + Amber Wedding Photographers shot at Anthem Golf and Country Club located in Anthem, Arizona.
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Jeff + Amber - Wedding Photographers

Lindsay and Scott – Anthem Country Club Wedding

When you take a gorgeous bride and a handsome groom, mixed in with family, friends, fun and good times you just can’t go wrong.  I love the feel of a small intimate wedding, Jeff and I had a larger wedding (in terms of guests) and even though it was great that we had ALL of our friends and family show up I always wonder what a smaller bunch would have turned out like.  This was one of those weddings that I just couldn’t stop capturing details.  Lindsay you sure did put together an outstanding team of fabulous vendors!  I am not sure if I will ever get over the amazing chair covers….seriously I almost stole one (ok not really) but I wouldn’t be sad if I run into those again.  And your floral and decor was simply so unique and simple, added in with a little super class!

During dinner we had the pleasure of getting to know their DJ, Richard.  Turns out Richard is also an extremely talented magician.  He blew our minds with his card tricks, and managed to answer all of our 8 year old questions we kept throwing at him.  Needless to say he never cracked, I tried!

If your planning a wedding, getting married yourself and need some inspiration take a good look at these details!  Lindsay and Scott, it was a pleasure, getting to know you both as a couple, getting to be a part of your wedding day, and getting to witness first hand your love for each other!  Best wishes to you both 🙂

Amber + Jeff

{Wedding Vendors} Venue: Anthem Golf & Country Club Decor: Kerry Taylor – Tying the Knot Wedding Decor Cake: Bamboo Bakery DJ: Richard Steele Floral: Bride

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